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Red Haze


at night the great city glimmers;—
glowing red
from the reflected glare of a million street lights
burning red
from the beacon lights flickering within the downtown buildings

You watch;—the darkening sky falls
soundlessly breaking against the urban landscape,
the buildings stagger and slide through your vision;
the sky bleeds over the distance; the downtown lights

from her departure, the dark of her eyes breaks into you

She looks like the rain at night
  the dark shimmering strands of her hair
damp in the streaming midnight air
She looks like the rain at night
She tastes like the warm summer rain

I am fallen from her eyes;—
in the stillness of her black eyes
  the downtown lights
in the stillness of her dim eyes
  the one moment,—
There is only this one moment
the rest of my life
there will be only this one moment.—

she carries sorrow even in the tiniest movement of her eyes

beside her in time
the long taxi ride home
the terrible words without sound reverberate break into me;
the space over us the sky bleeds the dying city

You wait in the naked room;—
  awake all night
waiting, though you cannot remember the words
she had spoken to you in the velvet of her voice
when she would quietly press her lips together
when she would kiss you as if  kissing the night.

She looks like the rain at night.
She tastes like the warm summer rain.

Someone is departed.
Someone I love.
And over my now fading world
the sky is a blood of red haze.




Copyright © 2002 D.E. Willer. All rights reserved.