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Red Haze


The first night you stayed awake
in the naked room
waiting for someone you did not know.
Against the dark surging horizon
the city gathered vast;
the buildings staggered and fell through your vision
like strangers,
and the vapor of night breathed all around you
in a hollow rasp.
You asked the strangers
your name, for you could not remember
your mother and the name
she had spoken to you in velvet
long ago in a childhood remembered
only by silent photographs;a frightened boy
stares back at you darkly
and disappears, is still disappearing....
One moment
and all the ancient fears emerged
and drew the immense distance into you,
when suddenly you became powerful like everything;
you glowed like the massive heavy sky, all red
from the reflected glare of a million street lights;
you burned like the beacon lights radiating
from inside the downtown buildings;
and everything around you
dripped with a seeping phosphorescent illumination
that covered the horizon in redness.

You watch.the darkening red sky
then falls,
soundlessly breaking against the urban landscape.
Yet somewhere inside,
you are beautifully dying
of the blood soaked distance you feel in departure.

Someone is dead.
Someone is in the next room.
Someone I love.
And over my now fading world
the sky is a blood of red haze.

The perfect sky is torn forever.




Copyright 2002 D.E. Willer. All rights reserved.